Magepa works with United Nations and many NGOs & FBOs for Post-Earthquake Reconstruction, Cholera Emergency Response and Rebuilding Haiti Infrastructure in the areas of health, transportation, and education.


Magepa is working alongside Haiti to restore it to the beautiful Caribbean island it once was. To help the country, the company has set more goals that include post earth quake reconstruction but are not limited to that alone. Magepa stands by its mission and seeks to do whatever is necessary so every project it undertakes in the future will enhance the country and maintain its good reputation.

Waves 4 Water with the help of Magepa has distributed 10,000 clean-water systems throughout the earthquake zone, and in remote regions of the country, bringing safe drinking water to over a hundred thousand people. Recently, we were instrumental in the distribution of and additional 4,000 filters to cholera outbreak hot-spots

Konbit Shelter is a group of renowned artists and architects from New York who in partnership with Magepa and the Mango Grower’s Association of Leogane built a community center in the village of Barriere Jeudi. The building utilizes materials that are locally harvested with the goal to engage and train the residents in sustainable, earthquake resistant building design.